About us

Our story

This project started in the mids of 2014 with a group of friends who decided to put their own perspective to the alternative modeling environment.The idea of CovenGirls came up as an ironical statement to the women portrayed in magazine covers and to the unknown (and misrepresented) gothic/geek aesthetic viewed as nothing more than a fashion trade: chic clothing using terms such as "dark" and "rocker" combined with expensive shoes and a t-shirt with The Ramones logo on it were the call of attention that lit the spark to make this wheel turn.

Far from pretending to be the owners of the truth, this project began with the simple goal of telling stories that had a real value for the model based on something so simple and yet so complex as her personality. Her favorite videogames, movies and cosplaying characters with whom she really identifies. Our first sets, with a lot of effort and very few resources were titanic themes like 7 Deadly Sins or Dr Jeckyll & Mrs Hyde which gave us our first impulse on what working in the photographic industry is like.

Over time and by the inevitable ways of life, the Staff was eventually reduced to just one Coordinator, Lenore Mort, who is now the main photographer and make-up artist along with the beautiful group of models who have put their trust since the beginning and those who continue to join us.
Thanks to the help of a lot of friends, other merchants and the support we got from our Patreon account we can now have this website.

Our goal

CovenGirl's goal is to portray women the way they are, with no excesive photographic retouching and comfortable with who they are. Our Staff purpose is to help models find the right themes for them and photograph them in a sensual way without losing sight on the fact that they make every decision regarding level of exposure and type of content in our productions. We hope to eventually grow this community and continue to give an important gift to each model with every set, which is to show them that no matter their bodytype, age or experience, they can all be sensual and that it's ok to be proud of what makes them different and alternative.

With each step we take, we dearly remember and thank all of the people who helped us get where we are now. We can't wait for our future productions to offer an artistic outcome worthy of our patrons contribution and company.

We invite you to follow us on our social networks and keep track of the road that lies ahead.