• + 18 years

  • Popular culture interests like geek/dark/gamer/cosplayer lifestyle

  • No former experience in modeling is required, but we do ask for respect and a cool vibe

  • Send us 5 pictures and a brief story about you and your interests to our Staff e-mail:


How we do things around here

First of all, the amount of physical exposure and nudity is decided by the model. Always.
This means, if you wish to pose with full clothing, lingerie or butt-naked it's entirely up to you.

The themes for our photoshoots are sometimes proposed by the Staff or they can be suggested by the models depending on how difficult it can be to portray the idea or if it follows CovenGirls' aesthetic guidelines.

Payments and charges

Since we're not available to work in your country area (yet), we won't charge you anything for your participation in our community. However, we will ask for the rights of every approved set posted in any of our websites. What does this mean?

Well, it basically explains itself but let's make it clear: If you decide to appear in our website you won't have to pay anything but any set you send us will be examined to see if it meets our guidelines and then approved or rejected (sorry not sorry). Every approved set will be displayed with credits for model/s and photographer involved in the making of the photoshoot but only CovenGirls will be allowed to sell them.
In order to do so, with EVERY set we'll need for you to fill a small contract that will be delivered to you once you've been accepted as a model.
In case you're planning on doing a set with more than one model, every one of you will have to submit their own application and contract.

Our photos will be posted in this website, our Patreon account and can be bought through PayPal too. Our models get a percentage of each set sold. Photographers will only get a percentage of every sale IF and ONLY IF they apply for International Staff (coming soon).